Healthy Family Recipes

Pippa Plum

Here are some quick, easy and appealing nutritious meals for you to try.

Chicken quesadillas

Children often love wraps but are still a bit small for eating a whole one (and even eating one or half a one makes a huge mess) so try making quesadillas instead. It's great for hiding veg and the … [Read more...]

Chicken fried rice

Quick and easy Chicken fired rice. Created using leftover cooked chicken, chopped button mushrooms, rice, tinned sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes. Ideal when you are in a rush. Spice it up with herbs, … [Read more...]

Chicken Potato Layer

Chicken Potato Layer - made from leftover cooked chicken with mushrooms, bacon and onions. This is nice eaten with green vegetables for a winter meal or with a leafy salad for a summer … [Read more...]