Before and after Sport

Walley Wholemeal bread
Here’s our guide to eating and drinking around your exercise or sport activity

Before Sport

Examples of pre-sport meals: 2 – 4 hours before exercise:

  • Jacket potato with cheese, tuna, baked beans plus salad
  • Pasta with tomato-based sauce or pesto, a little cheese and some vegetables
  • Rice, pasta or noodles with chicken, fish or beans and vegetables
  • A bowl of wholegrain cereal with milk and banana
  • Lentil, vegetable or chicken soup with wholemeal bread
  • Wholemeal sandwich/roll/wrap filled with tuna/cheese/chicken/peanut butter and salad (Bean 2012)

Snacks such as fresh or dried fruit, crackers are good if extra ‘between meals’ is needed within one hour of exercise.


After sport:

Poor food intake after exercise can result in reduced performance in future.

A carbohydrate and nutritionally packed meal should be eaten, with protein within 30 minutes.
Here are a few examples:

  • Chocolate milk – Scientist have found that
    this is a great post-exercise drink due to its
    combination of carbohydrates, protein, fluids and potassium
  • Whole-grain crackers and cheese
  • Yoghurt with fruit slices for dipping
  • String cheese and a piece of fruit
  • Milk and frozen fruit smoothie
  • Pitta bread slices dipped in hummus
  • Granola bar dipped in yoghurt

Source > Why not take a look at Meals Matter



Hydration tips:

How much water should I drink?

  • Before activity: 400-600ml.
  • During activity: 150-350ml every 15-20minutes.
  • After activity: little and often


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