About us

 Jenny Stretton  FADipTSI, MSST

  • Sports Therapist, Medical and Safeguarding Coach
    Educator and Assessor for The Foot
    ball Association
  • Member of Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3, Society of Sports Therapists, Institute for Learning
  • Sports Therapist through the
    football leagues to Premiership
  • Health Promotion Specialist – Physical Activity
  • Nutrition Diploma

My working life for 20+ years has been devoted to encouraging and enabling people to make healthy lifestyle choices. In my Sports Therapy roles, I have worked at all levels of football… on the touchline during my son’s career, for grassroots junior teams and tournaments, internationals and the professional game.

I have often been asked for advice about optimum nutrition for sport, and felt compelled to develop a training course that provides this information in an easy, nationally recognised format.

I now feel that as a coach educator, the ‘Good Nutrition for Active Children’ training course completes the package of training available to coaches, parents/guardians, and teachers to provide Best Practice in their roles with children in their care.

Following the training, and also as a ‘stand alone’ project, The Food Crew website and project has been developed to support the training course. This is seen to be an important addition to engage the children in a fun and interactive programme, providing long term support for sustainability of the advice taught on the course.


Helen Pittson PhD, BSc(Hons) MMedSci Sport Science and Nutrition

  • Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition at Harper Adams University College.
  • Member of the NICE Professional Development Group
    for Overweight and obese children and young people
    – lifestyle weight management services.  
  • Manager of obesity and healthy eating programmes
    for children and families
  • Level 2 hockey coach


Through my work I have extensive experience of working with families and young people regarding healthy eating and active lifestyles.  I feel passionately that all young people should be nurtured to achieve their potential, be given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and grow into healthy, happy adults.

I have played sport at local, county and regional level and coached local junior and senior hockey teams.  The importance of good nutrition to enable individuals to perform to the best of their ability has been important at all these levels and is proven to be a vital factor in achieving success in the sports arena.

I am delighted to join Jenny in writing the ‘Good Nutrition for Active Children’ training course.  The course has been designed to be practical and interactive, offering essential advice for coaches, parents/guardians and teachers to enable them to provide simple, effective support to the children in their care.

I hope you enjoy the training course and find opportunities to use the information you have been given to improve the performance and lifestyles of the children you have contact with.


Aged 5-7 years old

Aged 7-11 years old









Thank you for your interest, and for engaging
with the project for the children in your care.