Parents & Guardians

Graceful GrapesWelcome parents/guardians to The Food Crew
Would you like to support and encourage your children to the best of their ability?

This site is designed to make it easy for you to provide good nutrition for your active children. We want to help your children play better for longer. On this site you will find tips and tools to help you fuel your children for optimal performance.

  • This is not only for the athletic ones, but for children at all levels of ability

Why is this important?

  • Good nutrition is important for health, growth and development as well as sporting performance
  • Eating and drinking the right foods and drinks will help children to perform to the best of their ability
  • A healthy, balanced diet can give an active, growing body all the nutrients and energy it needs

‘Has your child’s Sports Coach or Teacher has attended the ‘Good Nutrition for Active Children™’ training course?

This information supplements the advice that your child will be receiving.

It is also available to adults who are interested in improving their children’s food and hydration
with up to date advice. We too, are passionate about that!

To further expand on the information available here, there is also membership of The Food Crew club which includes an array of information, updates, player’s endorsements, competitions, resources to help children to stay engaged with the programme and build the good nutrition habits of a lifetime.

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Aged 5-7 years old

Aged 7-11 years old









See the links below for tips and tools:

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Example pre-match meals

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