Sports Nutrition

We all want the best for our children and/or the children in our care.

This information will give the basic information on optimum nutrition and hydration for active children.
For more details, the children can join The Food Crew (with your help) and find out a great deal more on
the subject, along with fun activities, games, competitions, recipes, player’s input etc.

Pagen Pepper

Aged 5-7 years old

Aged 7-11 years old









Good nutrition is important for health growth and
development as well as sporting performance.

Most active children just need to eat well and stay hydrated.

Our research has shown that there is confusion amongst players, parents and coaches about the types of foods, timings of meals and the drinks that children should intake for their activity.


The Eatwell Plate

Eat Well and have fun with The Food CrewResearch has shown that children eat healthier when they regularly share meals with their families. They can also have a positive influence on the family’s food and shopping habits.

Download ‘the eatwell plate’ – pdf






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These references have been used in some of the information on this website.

We are grateful for their content and acknowledge the authors.

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